My Family

We are your typical All American family. My husband James and I have been married for almost fourteen years and we have three incredible children together.  I don't know if we will have any more or not, but we definitely have a heart for children. We have previously been a homeschooling family and we loved every minute of it. It was an amazing experience to have a first hand seat at watching your children grow and learn new things each day. As much as we loved homeschooling, we recently moved from Virginia to Louisiana and have put them into a traditional school until we find a house and get settled in. The boys are really enjoying being in school, and there are pros and cons to both, so once things settle down, we will decide if we want to continue with regular school or go back to homeschooling.

 My husband and I love to travel. We definitely have the travel bug in us! One of our favorite things to do is to take 'unplanned' road trips. Sometimes tossing out the map and just having an open roadway in front of you and time on your hands can turn out to be the greatest adventure! You would not believe some of the incredible sites we have stumbled across and interesting people we have met along the way!

When we're not discovering new places, my husband loves to work on cars. Actually, he loves ANYTHING to do with cars! Working on them, watching them at races or car shows, even restoration of antiques. He's the kind of guy that loves to get his hands dirty and spend an afternoon taking a broken car and making it not only run again, but shine! I'm sure that our boys will soon be learning the many tricks of the trade that he has picked up!

Me, on the other hand, prefer to spend an afternoon reading a great book, shopping with a friend, or taking pictures. Right now most of my photos are off my cell or digital camera, but I hope to get a good camera soon and maybe take a photography class. I also would like to try out a pottery class one day, but I may have trouble convincing the hubby to come along with me!

My husband and I enjoy new challenges and trying out different things. We have recently decided that we would like to become a little more 'green' and eco-friendly. We are looking into planting a garden sometime soon....which should be an endeavor as neither of us has a green thumb! I hope you enjoy reading our blog and getting to know us better!